Resolution solution

2016 resolutions will be unlike any year before.


Around this time of year, I start to hear the question “what are your resolutions?” When I hear this, I cannot help but think that they are trying to exploit what I did very poorly in the previous year.  I mean, when people ask me what my resolutions are, I get self-conscious that I have this huge problem with my life that is in immediate need to fix.

What is a resolution? A resolution, our great friends at Urban Dictionary says, is “a goal that you proposed then forget the next day.” In fact, according to a recent study conducted by myself taken by walking around the halls during passing period, very few people actually change anything.

But in reality, what are we really going to do? The saying “new year, new me” could not be farther from reality. We will probably do what we say for the first week and a half and then go back to being our same old selves. It also doesn’t help us that we get to start off the new year by coming back to take life altering finals exams two weeks in. If only the New Year was in September, a truly NEW year, because in reality our year revolves around the first day of school not Jan. 1.

Another reason why resolutions are worthless is because they are such a spontaneous question, like, did you really think I would be thinking about the New Year when I could be out enjoying myself during Christmas break? It’s like that one teacher everyone has who picks on you when you’re not raising your hand.

Usually, the first day of the New Year is filled with regret for the things we did the night before. We lie in bed regretting staying up until four in the morning, celebrating a year in which we really didn’t change a single thing we said we were going to change. For the first two weeks of the New Year, we try to become a new person, working hard to uphold these aspirations, but we often become burnt out of the two extremely hard weeks.

So how about you actually write down your realistic, attainable resolutions or what you envision yourself at the end of 2016, instead of aimlessly scrolling through already-seen Instagram posts hour after hour. Hopefully you’ve already thought about what you may try to change but if not don’t worry, according to my observation most of your classmates haven’t done much either.