One-to-One 101

All Bellevue High students will receive laptops soon, but they must take note of the restrictions.


15The Bellevue School District has agreed to initiate the one to one computing system, with all high school students receiving a laptop to further their education in and out of the classrooms. With technology becoming a prominent source of learning, the program looks to equip students with tools to prepare them for the modern workforce.

“Students will be able to collaborate and communicate at different levels with the addition of technology as part of their day to day lives,” Assistant Principal Jessica Proctor said.

By having their own laptop, students will take further accountability of their learning, receiving individual access to classroom material at their homes. This way students can progress with their learning at a reasonable pace, and come to the classrooms feeling more comfortable or with questions concerning the material.

“Teaching will be less dependent on the teacher standing and lecturing, and will give students the opportunity to explore information in different ways, and utilize it in more meaningful applications,” Proctor said.

In addition, being able to equip students with the same technology eliminates unfair advantages given to more privileged students. Often some students have higher quality computers that parallel their learning at home, but other students are less fortunate and are limited to the learning they can access thorough their computers. Therefore, by issuing students the same laptops, technology access and learning becomes equal among all students.

Although each student will have individual usage of their device, there are various policies that will regulate the student’s privileges outside the classroom. To ensure online safety, each laptop will be installed with internet filtering that will limit the students browsing on the internet.

“Student laptops will have specific restrictions, to Facebook and other social media sites-any of the same restrictions on the previous laptop carts will continue to apply on the school laptops, and online history of the student can be accessed,” Proctor said.

However, recreational use of the laptops may take place under certain appropriate conditions. Leisurely activities such as listening to music, gaming and watching movies are permitted under the student’s own accord, as long as they take place at a non-school environment and are done under the permission of the parent.

With ownership of the laptops comes responsibilities as well. Students will be expected to look out for their laptops, and take care of its appearance and capabilities to function. But with accidental damage and theft that could occur, the district will cover the students device through their insurance.

“Insurance comes with a one hundred dollar deductible to cover for the damaged parts of the laptop, but gross neglect of the computer resulting in physical damage will be charged to the students account,” Proctor said.

Furthermore, technology specialists will be present to aid any students with common technical issues that can be immediately addressed. This new system will take place shortly, with hopes of enriching the student’s academically.

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