Hide and Seek at BHS

Bellevue High School is home to a whole bunch of perfect locations for a game of hide and seek.

Photo/Michaela Pasewark

I recently looked up the definition of school on Google and what first popped up was “an institution for educating children.” This got me thinking… these “institutions” are typically massive structures with multiple stories, hallways running every which way and who knows how many rooms, some big and some small.

Then it hit me. Think of the endless hiding spots one could find throughout your averageschool, Bellevue High School in particular. It’s the perfect place for a good old fashioned game of hide and seek. So, throughout the duration of this article, I’m going to list off some of the very best hiding spots throughout our school in case you ever find yourself in the middle of a game of hide and seek during passing period, lunch, etc.

The first is “The Den.” Did you ever wonder where our gymnastics team practices every day? The answer to this common question is “The Den” or the area above the bleachers of the main gym. It can be a little tricky to reach considering you either have to climb over the wall above the basketball court’s bleachers or somehow obtain the key (or pick the lock) to the only elevator that reaches it. But, if you ever have the chance to get up there, it’s pretty awesome to say the least as it consists of a squishy ground and different beams and bars that a gymnast could probably tell you more about.

The next hiding spot on the list and my personal favorite is the famous cabinets that run from the second auxiliary gym to the main gym. If you don’t believe me just sneak out of class one day and test it out for yourself. It’s a tight squeeze but if you’re determined, you can successfully open them up and make it from one gym to the other without stepping foot outside.

A couple other hide and seek places that almost guarantee you a victory against whoever might have agreed to search the entire school for you include the orchestra pit, the makeup room and the catwalk of the PAC. However, there’s just one major difficulty about the catwalk (which might be the most fun of all the spots I’ve listed) and that is that you have to make it past Mr. Kline, which is no easy task.

Photo/Michaela Pasewark
Photo/Michaela Pasewark

The last on my list is the most secret of them all. What you have to do to reach this legendary spot is make your way into the Exercise Room which is located just next to the second aux gym and move all the objects away from the back of the room which should reveal a trap door. I’ll let you figure out where this tunnel leads.

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