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News from other high schools across the country.


Bolivar, Tenn. On Dec. 8 at Bolivar Central High School two students were sent to jail for 48 hours for breaking the school’s anti sagging pant dress code. The school’s handbook clearly states “Low slung, baggy seat, baggy legged, or bell-bottom pants are not permitted.” The community surrounding the high school said that as excessive as the punishment was, “the fashion faux is appalling and should be banned by the Bolivar dress code”. The organization has reportedly stated that the ban is based off racial profiling.

Naperville, Ill.  The head football coach at Naperville Central High School, Mike Stine, was sent a concerning letter from a group of atheists regarding the pre-game prayer the players and coaches participated in before their playoff game on Nov. 14. After the complaint was received the Unit District 203 informed three head coaches that the head coach was not allowed to lead the students in prayer. NCHS is a public school and must follow the freedom of religion.

“Students are welcome to pray on their own, but school representatives must not participate” Attorney Ryan Jayne has stated.

Seattle, Wash. A freshman at Chief Sealth International High School in western Seattle was murdered on Dec. 6. Christy Phu was shot by her 24-year-old uncle Si A. Phu with an unlicensed gun and was charged with first degree murder. The supposed reason for the murder was refusal from the 14-year-old to give her uncle a pair of shoes. After the shooting Phu fled the scene and went to go watch a football game. Two days later he was seen by the police in the Skyway area and was arrested.

The school held a vigil that Wednesday night and many of the community members and faculty and students came to show their support to the grieving family. Many of Christy’s closest friends sang songs, created banners and some of her teachers gave speeches about the 14-year-old’s contagious spirit.

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