Got drumline?

A peek into the tight-knit group that is Bellevue High School's Drumline.

Photo/Silas Chu

If you have ever been to Snowflake Lane, you have probably gotten a glance of at least one member of the BHS Drumline. Never missing a beat, the drumline flawlessly carries out wildly entertaining performances no matter which event they are playing for.

“The drumline and percussion class is a really tight-knit group of freshmen to seniors. Each year when there are new students that join, they get welcomed in to a great group of musicians who love performing well and have a lot of fun,” Mr. George, the director of BHS Drumline, said.

Sharing the same passion for percussion, the class has become very skilled throughout the year and many of the members spend time with each other outside of class.

“Family. It’s a family,” junior Bianca Tran said.

As Tran described what she loves about the group, she mentioned that they all have nicknames for each other.

“It’s a sign of affection I think,” Tran said.

The section spends the majority of their time learning music for competitions, rallies and concerts.

“It’s a good community, a good environment for people to play drums and learn a lot about musical instruments,” Jackson Irwin, a bass drummer for the BHS Drumline, said.

A perfect class for music enthusiasts to unite, BHS Drumline is a group one will keep in their heart long after they leave high school.