BSD + Microsoft

Microsoft partners with Bellevue's new school.


15The new elementary school, currently called Elementary 18, is scheduled to open fall of 2017. It is located on Wilburton Hill and an estimated 600 or more students from the Clyde hill, Woodridge and Enatai areas will attend this new school.

Elementary 18 will be the second school in the Bellevue District to partner with Microsoft. Because Microsoft hopes to drive learning through the use of technology, it has already partnered with Sammamish High School through their Showcase Schools program. By reaching out to this new elementary school, Microsoft is looking to establish lifelong learners who can use technology.

Not only will Microsoft provide the software and technology for Elementary 18, but it will also be able to create diverse learning in the classrooms. ESL (English as a Second Language) students and students with special learning needs will be able to learn more efficiently through the use of online translations and adaptive technologies. With this incorporation of new technologies into classrooms, the new elementary school will have several technology-integrated learning spaces.

Thus, this partnership with Microsoft will be one of the many new approaches to teaching with technology and an incredible opportunity for the district to move forward with.