AOTM: Thomas Eggenberger

Eggenberger's speed helped his team win state last season.


As the length of junior Thomas Eggenberger’s times shorten, the length of his hair increases to compensate.  He can’t remember not knowing how to swim.  Maybe that’s because he has swam competitively year round for the past nine years and currently practices 21 hours a week on the Bellevue Club Swim Team.  He certainly isn’t slowing down any time soon.

Recently Eggenberger competed in junior nationals as one of the only four swimmers from his club, swimming the 200 and 100 butterfly and the 200 I.M., and said it was an incredible experience getting to see all the other top youth swimmers from around the country.

Additionally, last year, for the boys swim and dive championship state meet, Eggenberger swam both the 100 Butterfly and 200 Individual Medley.  Placing 5th in the 100 butterfly and 3rd in the individual medley as a sophomore, Eggenberger’s speed greatly contributed to the state title Bellevue won last year and proved the potential for many more state championships to come.

“We are going to sweep the relays again at state this year.  The junior class is incredibly strong.  Mercer Island won’t stand a chance.” Eggenberger said.

Speaking of the boys swim dynasty that Mercer Island has had the past several years, Eggenberger proudly declared its end, guaranteeing that Bellevue boys swim and dive will “sink the rock” this year in what is known as the annual matchup between the two teams.

Furthermore, after going a 2:06.75 in the 200 meter butterfly last summer, Eggenberger qualified for the Canadian Olympic trials.  Being a Canadian American, he gets to go compete this April to earn a spot on the Canadian Olympic team for the 2016 summer Olympics.

Not only is he an incredible swimmer, but every teammate of his that I talked to mentioned something about the role of a leader he plays on the Bellevue high team.

“He’s a phenomenal swimmer who always motivates others to do their best.  He’s a true leader,” senior captain Yen-Wen Lin said.

For the future, Eggenberger says he definitely wants to swim in college.  His main focus right now though is to bring back the boys swim and dive state title to Bellevue once again.

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