Bernie Sanders: Feel the Bern


There is only one word I can use to describe the democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders – awesome. For one thing, he isn’t a billionaire like Trump who goes around making fun of his fellow competitors, nor is he the brother or the wife of the former president of the United States. He doesn’t have an interesting background like Ben Carson being a famous neurosurgeon, he’s not a Senator from a huge populous state and didn’t he run a massive technology company.

Bernie Sanders is a simple man representing Vermont who isn’t just trying to win the presidential nomination for himself and call it quits, but is actually trying make a lasting impact on America regardless of whether or not he wins the election.

Let’s face it, he’s an overachieving underdog in many eyes. A self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist Senator from Vermont winning the presidential bid? What? He stops on the streets at his campaigns to take selfies with little kids. I mean how cool is that? He also took part in the march on Washington with Martin Luther King… I don’t think The Trump was in attendance. Sanders also doesn’t send out rude ads aimed to bring down his counterparts, which I have great respect for.

“The American people are sick of hearing about your damn email!” Sanders humorously said after being asked about Hillary Clintons email controversy.

With significantly less candidates in the Democratic Party, Sanders has basically single-handedly challenged Hillary Clinton’s polls thus far.  He’s also called out the “one percent” of billionaires who are accumulating a large portion of America’s wealth, standing up for the middle and lower class Americans which is something other candidates have yet to do.

Since the beginning of May, the Senator of Vermont has made huge strides in challenging Hillary Clinton’s efforts for the democratic bid.

He has down-to-earth mentalities and has the willingness to address issues that others are not, such as climate change and the rigged economic system. With Vice President Joe Biden announcing he will not be running for presidency the Democratic Party basically comes down to Sanders and Clinton. Berniemania has taken great strides thus far and look for his campaign to continue to gain more national attention in the coming months.