Fallout 4

An exploration of Bethsda's latest game to play.


I’m trudging through the wasteland to a large outpost of super mutants. After an earlier exploration, I counted at least 20 in the scope of my recon-sighted pipe sniper rifle, which I made out of duct tape, tin cans and radioactive material. Of course I’m playing “Fallout 4”, a game release that’s been anxiously awaited by “Fallout 3’s” rabid fans for seven years.

After encountering the pack of super mutants (which are like the Hulk’s smaller and more territorial extended family) at the satellite dish network, I fast traveled back to the garage. I run right up to my power armor and slam in one of my eight remaining fusion cores, which are difficult to find and are the only power source for my armor. I modified the armor very thoroughly, and the rough and rusty exterior of my military combat suit has been shined to a green military camo and further augmented with more blast plating.

As my suit of armor closes around me, I marvel at the absolutely beautiful animation; the armor creaks and groans as the various limbs and armor plating come together on my avatar’s frame, snickering slightly as the helmet locks itself into place over my man bun.

The battle was a quick one. Armed with my jet-powered sledge hammer, I make short of work of the mutants. I made off with a few rare weapons too, which I can sell to a trader for a few hundred caps, the currency of this world.

I can’t accurately review “Fallout 4”, there is simply too much to write. But I can say it’s like therapy. There is nothing more exhilarating than being given a world where a new discovery, a new experience, is only a few minutes of travel away. If you can only scrounge up enough money for one game this holiday season, make sure that game is “Fallout 4”.