Sony vs. North Korea


DSC_1604On Nov. 22, Sony Entertainment’s computer system was hacked by a group calling themselves #GOP. The initial attacks seemed severe at the time, leaking private employee information and secret Sony plans. But it would not compare with what was to come. In a matter of weeks, Sony was riddled with FBI investigations and terrorist threats.


It was quickly suspected that North Korea was involved and there was no question that the hackers were not fans of Seth Rogan’s newest movie, “The Interview”, In which Rogan and his friend are sent to assassinate Kim Jong Un. #GOP quickly transitioned from announcing disapproval of the film to threatening terrorist attacks on theaters that scheduled to release it on Dec. 25.

“The FBI has concluded the Government of North Korea is responsible for the theft and destruction of data on the network of Sony Pictures Entertainment” a Sony spokeswoman said.

Sony initially elected to pull the film from all theaters despite encouragement from president Obama to release it. However, after further evaluation of the situation, it was made clear that the terrorists posed no real threat to the American people. Sony released the movie in select theaters as well as releasing it on multiple video streaming services.

Despite the attacks allegedly launched by North Korea, Sony’s film did much better than expected, grossing 31 million in its first two weeks.